Nutty Irishman - Flavored Organic Coffee

(Colombian Supremo / Guatemalan Antigua / Costa Rican Tarrazu)

For a strong, sweet, hazelnut-confection treat in your morning cup of coffee, look no further than the Nutty Irishman flavored organic coffee. This delicious collaboration of creamy, golden nuggets of roasted and toasted hazelnuts mixed with sweet and spicy cinnamon and Irish Crème, will make your taste buds crave this delicious combination of flavors.

Roast: Dark Medium

12 oz. Handcrafted Flavored Organic Coffee

Hazelnuts have a distinctive sweet flavor different from any other nut, and it’s a flavor that goes especially well with coffee.

Today, most hazelnuts grow near the Black Sea in Turkey, the world’s leading producer of hazelnuts. Some food historians claim that’s where they originated, while others cite Asia as their origin. Wherever they started out, hazelnuts seem to have grown in various parts of the world for a long, long time. Enormous numbers of burnt hazelnut shells — hundreds of thousands of them — have been found in rubbish piles dating back thousands of years in what is now Scotland!

What were these ancient people doing with all those hazelnuts in pre-historic Scotland? Enjoying them, we suspect.

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