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What is Bank Of Java?

Bank Of Java is the exclusive rewards program for OutOfTheGreyCoffee.com. You can earn Beans (points) by completing actions such as making a purchase, following us on social media, referring friends & engaging.

Who can join?

All OutOfTheGreyCoffee.com customers are welcome to “open an account” & start earning Beans (points) in the Bank Of Java.

Does it cost anything to “open an account” in the Bank Of Java?

There is NO cost to “open an account” in the Bank Of Java.

How do I “open an account” in the Bank Of Java?

To “open an account”, visit the Bank Of Java, located toward the bottom, right of the page & click to enter the Bank Of Java, then click OPEN.

How can I earn Beans?

There are many ways to earn Beans. Please be sure to login to your account to receive Beans for your purchases & actions. For every dollar you spend, you will earn 5 Beans. Beans will reflect purchase total after any discount has been applied. This excludes taxes & shipping.

Open an account

200 Beans

Place an order

5 Beans every $1 spent

Celebrate a birthday

200 Beans

Like on Facebook

50 Beans

Follow on Twitter & Instagram  

50 Beans each platform

Share on Facebook & Twitter  

50 Beans each platform

What are the limitations to the points I can earn?

Placing an order

No limitations on Beans you can earn

Birthday points

Limited - 200 Beans in 12-month period

Sharing on social media  

Limited - 50 Beans every month each platform

How does the referral program work in Bank Of Java?

Use the Bank Of Java referral program on the site to refer friends to Out Of The Grey Coffee ®. Each friend will receive a $10 off coupon & you will get a $10 off coupon when they complete their first order over $35 dollars. There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn!

How long will it take to see all my Beans in my account?

You will see all your current & new Beans in your My Account once the action you have taken has been completed.

You will receive your Beans from your order once it has been marked complete & shipped from our system. If you are to cancel your order, your Beans will be reset to 0 earned and 0 spent.

Do my Beans expire?

It is our hope that you redeem your Beans on a regular basis. Beans will expire each day on a rolling basis if you have not earned or spent Beans within the last year (365 days).

What can I redeem my Bank Of Java Beans on?

500 Beans

$5 Off

750 Beans

Free shipping coupon

900 Beans

$10 Off

2000 Beans

$25 Off

3500 Beans

$50 Off

7000 Beans

$150 Off

And for the coffee and tea connoisseur?

9000 Beans

$250 Off

Spend Beans on our entire collection of coffee, teas & essentials within qualifying orders. Bean redemption may not be combined or stacked with promotional offers & discounts.

Open account today & get 200 Beans on us... Just Click Open!

Out Of The Grey Coffee

I have a question or concern about my Bank Of Java reward account, who do I contact?

Please contact our customer care team with any questions or concerns. You can reach them at service@OutOfTheGreyCoffee.com