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We believe that coffee in all its forms - whole bean, ground, brewed & espresso - should be an attainable luxury.

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Our goal is to make our coffee & tea a memorable addition to any experience.

We genuinely have the Highest Quality Coffee & Tea on the Planet!

       Our story began with the desire to share with the world what God had done in our family’s life. As a family of five on track to become missionaries, our destination seemed certain. It was then a horrific car accident re-routed us to Pennsylvania to care for my mother. To support our family during this time, we opened Out Of The Grey Coffeehouse & Café.

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       This felt like the logical choice because of our love for coffee & people. From these brick-and-mortar roots we established a wonderful laboratory & roastery Out Of The Grey Coffee to test new blends & flavors. We have now been able to provide beans & ground coffee to connoisseurs who appreciate choice, freshness, flavor, Fairtrade coffee, organic farming & luxury loose leaf teas. We do this now not only at our café or one of our nine collaborations but online through our (100% in house created, controlled & operated) website.

Out of the Grey Coffeehouse Cafe

What is ootgCoffee?

       Out Of The Grey Coffee is a custom small batch coffee roaster & tea merchant based in Fairview, Pennsylvania & in Madison Heights, Virginia. We use two classic drum roasters equipped with advanced temperature control systems to ensure that our results are consistent & repeatable.

out of the grey coffee probate roaster

       We slow roast to order in small batches & then send the coffee to our customers so quickly that it retains that just roasted aroma & arrives "almost still warm". In packaging the coffee, we use the highest quality block bottom & side gusseted bags with the best one-way degassing valve available. These bags also have a pull tab, which makes it easy to open & an additional internal Ziploc® for the customer to use once the original heat fused seal is broken allowing them to keep their coffee and our brand visible until their next order.

       We are dedicated to offering quality beans, exceptionally roasted coffees & customized blends from exotic faraway coffee lands. Our roasting process highlights the attributes inherent in the beans. We have selectively stocked over 56 different coffee beans from around the world & offer over 179 coffee creations. We also offer our customers the opportunity & ability to design & create their custom roasted blends & flavored coffees. There are unlimited possibilities to delight your unique preferences.

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       At the end of 2019, before the chaos of COVID-19, we purchased a Super Bee (fully enclosed) horse trailer and are currently in the finishing stages of creating a fully operational (Mobile Coffee Roasting Unit) MCRU. This vehicle has everything needed to roast, bag, and sell coffee & tea, anywhere. We envision using this not only to market our brand and products to local colleges & universities but also having the ability to attend events and sell the Highest Quality Coffee & Tea on the Planet right out of our MCRU into the customer’s hands.

      At Out Of The Grey Coffee, a cup of great-tasting coffee is more than just a caffeine jolt. Coffee is about pleasure. It is that moment your hand is warmed by the mug when you raise it to your nose & deeply inhale & then take a sip. This experience should be savored one sip at a time over & over again.

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       Plain & simple: Our promise is to strive to treat You—our customers—as we would like to be treated. Our pursuit of exceptional coffee is a lifelong journey of discovery & delight. Whether in one of our cafes, coffee bars or at home, we hope you will join us for a cup of the Highest Quality Coffee & Tea on the Planet.

       Thank you for joining our growing family!

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