Mediterranean Getaway - Organic Coffees

Includes two Handcrafted Organic Coffees (12 oz. each).

Colombian Supremo Viennese "Euro-Italian" (12 oz.)

(French & Italian Roast Colombian Supremo)

Roast: Dark

Smoky richness, fruit and brandy. Cherry, blueberry, milk chocolate, caramel, lily-like flowers in aroma and cup. Lively, effervescent acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Rich and sweet in the short finish, slightly drying in the long.

Baklava (12 oz.) – Flavored

(Colombian Supremo / Guatemalan Antigua / Costa Rican Tarrazu)

Roast: Dark Medium

Rich pastry with nuts, butter and cinnamon soaked in honey.

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