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Flavors of Jamaica Organic Coffees

Includes two Handcrafted Organic Coffees (12 oz. each).

Jamaican Blue Mountain (12 oz.)

Known as the Java of Kings!

Roast: Dark Medium

Deep aroma accentuated with cherryish milk chocolate, hints of aged cedar and sweet banana. This sweet-toned, roundly balanced cup with quiet acidity, fullish body and continued cherry-toned chocolate carrying into a long finish.

Jamaican Me Crazy (12 oz.) – Flavored Coffee

(Colombian Supremo / Guatemalan Antigua / Costa Rican Tarrazu)

Roast: Dark Medium

Enjoy a bit of the “laid back” lifestyle with this blend of caramel and vanilla flavored coffee. Be instantly transported to white beaches and blue waters with crisp island flavors and sweet coffee fragrance.

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