Cinnamon - Flavored Organic Coffee

(Colombian Supremo / Guatemalan Antigua / Costa Rican Tarrazu)

Mmm…nothing like a little cinnamon to start the morning off right! With this delicious Cinnamon flavored organic coffee, your early morning cup of coffee will add a decadence of flavor to your busy routine, giving you a sweet moment to slow down and enjoy the morning.

Rich, pure, and delicate aroma, the wholesomeness of this coffee will coat your throat and leave it feeling creamy and smooth. If you love the spicy hints of cinnamon, then this will work together to create the ultimate cup of coffee. The smoothness of this flavor blends very well on your taste buds, giving it a soft taste on your palate.

Roast: Dark Medium

12 oz. Handcrafted Flavored Organic Coffee

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