Bourbon Pecan Torte - Flavored Coffee

Spicy-tart flavor blended with earthy maple, rich pecans & bittersweet molasses.

Perfect choice for coffee drinkers suffering from digestive issues, or those that just prefer low acidic coffees with a higher level of antioxidants.

100% delicious!

Roast: Dark Medium

12 oz. Handcrafted Flavored Coffee

The pecan is a very American nut. Most of the world’s pecans grow here in the U.S., and most of them are also eaten here. In a way, the pecan is like a delicious secret Americans have kept to us. Why do we guard our pecans so closely?

We think the main reason for our national passion for pecans must be the flavor. Softly sweet and buttery, pecans taste great in savory dishes and in desserts like the classic Southern favorites, pecan pralines and pecan pie. And of course, pecan flavor complements coffee perfectly!

The secret of pecans seems to be getting out. In just the past few years, the Chinese have discovered pecans and are quickly developing their own national passion for the American nut they now consider a delicacy.