World Tour - 5 Bag Sampler

Can't decide what coffees to choose, there is a simple solution - set sail & tour the world's finest; give the perfect gift or just celebrate with family & friends.

  • Ethiopian OROMIA Harrar - Richly & deeply sweet, flavors of molasses, dark chocolate, asian pear & daffodil with bittersweet acidity & silky mouthfeel.
  • Costa Rican Lomas Al Rio Honey SHB - Amazing aromas of milk chocolate, caramel & floral notes, flavors of dark chocolate & toasted breadcrumbs with beautiful bright acidity.
  • Sumatra Wahana Estate - Deeply sweet, rich with lavender, banana & dark chocolate flavors, zesty acidity, buoyant with silky mouthfeel & rich drying finish.
  • Indian Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold - Luxuriously sweet, delicately pungent, with tart but lush tropical fruit notes & richly raisin-toned chocolate long finish.
  • Papua New Guinea Sigri AA SHG - Full bodied & thick, low acidity, leather, almond, dark chocolate & earthy flavors with menthol mouthfeel & lingering finish.

Roast: Roasted to their Individual Sweet Spot

Includes Five Handcrafted Organic Coffees (4 oz. each).

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