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Single Origin Haitian NEG MAWON Organic Coffee

Neg Mawon Pap Jamn Kraze

(The Free Man Can Never Be Destroyed)

Shade Grown Unshackled Richness

Sweet-toned, deep aroma with distinct orange notes and hints of nut and semi-sweet chocolate. The cup is dominated by a plush orange and wine-toned acidity, sweet and richly balanced, with continued hints of dry chocolate that carry into a richly astringent finish.

Roast: Dark Medium

Processing: Natural Processed & Dried

Altitude: 1400 - 1600 M.A.S.L.

Harvest: September to March

Supports Haitian coffee growing families!

Amidst the rubble of the house, schools and in front of the once grand National Palace stands Neg Mawon - the symbol of Haiti. Neg Mawon means at once - the marooned man, the runaway slave and the free man. A testament of the complex history of the Haitian people stolen from Africa, marooned on an island and liberated through a brave and radical revolution.

Shackles broken, machete in hand, the free man blows the conch to gather others in his fight for the freedom and dignity of all people and for the self-evident truth - that all men are created equal. Neg Mawon is the symbol of Haiti's greatest resource - her indefatigable people, a people profoundly and proudly woven to their history. 

Neg Mawon still stands and will always stand. We too must stand with Haiti and, through solidarity, work toward the future the Haitian people deserve.

12 oz. Handcrafted Fair Trade Plus/Organic Coffee

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