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Single Origin Cafe Femenino COSURCA Colombian Medellin Excelso Organic Coffee

Flowers run through the profile from aroma through finish, with brown sugar, maple syrup and nutty smoky notes in the aroma, crisp chocolate and dried fruit in the balanced acidity full-bodied cup and again in the rather heavy finish.

Processing: Natural Processed & Dried

Altitude: 1500 - 1600 M.A.S.L.

Harvest: March to July

12 oz. Handcrafted Fair Trade/Organic Coffee

COSURCA is a large 2nd level cooperative made up of more than 1300 small scale coffee farmers located in the southern state of Cauca in Colombia, which is relatively new to being one of the heaviest production zones, and now it’s being recognized for some of the highest quality within the country, which the north was better known for both aspects throughout most of Colombia’s coffee history.

COSURCA’s membership is made up of 12 1st level community organizations that operate inside 10 different municipal areas in the state. Coffee production is the most common agricultural product that comes from these areas, but COSURCA has tried to diversify its members’ incomes through an initiative of juice production that uses a wide array of fruits naturally grown in the same areas.

The people in these small towns and coffee producing regions are still occasionally caught in the violence of clashes between government military forces and the FARC, an antigovernment militia often blamed for Colombia’s drug-trafficking.

Despite the hardships, COSURCA looks to improve the lives of its coffee farmers through the cooperation of its members to achieve market access for its products, technical assistance to produce high quality coffee, a system of savings and loans, and many other new opportunities of development by collaborating with international organizations, agencies and companies. Founded in 1993, COSURCA, together with its exporting agency, EXPOCOSURCA maintains constant projects with partners such as the Inter-American Foundation, Cup For Education, and Café Femenino with the intention of teaching and training coffee growing men, women, and youth about agriculture, the environment, gender equality and leadership. Focusing on small scale farmers and their families allows future generations to produce coffee efficiently and effectively, make a living, and improve the lives of hard working people in very remote areas.

The Café Femenino Program began in Cosurca in 2004. 345 women participate in the Café Femenino Program through Cosurca. They have seen notable improvements in increased training, education, and self-esteem of the women who participate. A clean stove and kitchen remodelling initiative, funded by grants from the Café Femenino Foundation and Café Femenino coffee premiums, has improved the health and safety for women and their families. The stoves are designed to eliminate the hazardous fumes and fire dangers created by the traditional, wood burning, open stoves.

COSURCA is also passionate about taking care of the environment and works with all of its producers to establish environmentally friendly processing practices, such as filtration systems that improve the heavily saturated “honey water” which results from the washed processing methods. Also, nearly 500 member’s farms are certified for organic production and 150 are in the process of a 3 year transition period to obtain their organic certificate, all of which requires more intensive farming practices but much healthier for the planet.

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