Blooming White Garnet - Luxury Tea

Bai Mu Tan white tea, pomegranate peels, pomegranate extract & safflowers.

The clean flavor of rare Bai Mu Tan white tea with the tart fruitiness of pomegranate.

The flavor of pomegranate is associated with the sweetness of youth & the pleasures of your senses. Bring all these senses to the experience of Blooming White Garnet, an antioxidant-rich white tea with fruit notes for additional brightness & flavor. Make this Chinese white tea a delight for your afternoon, evening, or morning, taking advantage of the light caffeine content & the robust flavor that makes Bai Mu Dan tea so well-known & respected for quality and depth.

White tea, like green tea, undergoes very little processing, which preserves its delicate natural flavors – the leaves are not fermented or rolled; rather, young tea leaves & unopened leaf-buds are simply picked, withered, & dried.

2.5 oz. Handcrafted Luxury Loose Leaf Tea