Blooming White Garnet - Organic Tea

Bai Mu Tan white tea, pomegranate peels, pomegranate extract and safflowers.

The clean flavor of rare Bai Mu Tan white tea with the tart fruitiness of pomegranate.

The flavor of pomegranate is associated with the sweetness of youth and the pleasures of your senses. Bring all these senses to the experience of Blooming White Garnet, an antioxidant-rich white tea with fruit notes for additional brightness and flavor. Make this Chinese white tea a delight for your afternoon, evening, or morning, taking advantage of the light caffeine content and the robust flavor that makes Bai Mu Dan tea so well-known and respected for quality and depth.

White tea, like green tea, undergoes very little processing, which preserves its delicate natural flavors – the leaves are not fermented or rolled; rather, young tea leaves and unopened leaf-buds are simply picked, withered, and dried.

This is tea that’s easy to enjoy hot or iced – we do recommend steeping it in hot water prior to chilling, if iced tea is part of your plan.

2.5 oz. Handcrafted Organic Tea

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