Ambrosia White - Luxury Tea

Bai Mudan white tea, shredded coconut, pineapple bits & pineapple extract.

Imagine lying on a pristine white sand beach with the intense blue waters of the Caribbean Sea lapping at your toes. We have tried to capture this by infusing the flavors of pineapple, coconut & Bai Mudan white tea together to provide a sweet & juicy low caffeine blend that delivers a satisfying & refreshing experience. Dried pineapple gives it mellow notes of sweetness while the layers of coconut gives it a creamy finish.

White tea, like green tea, undergoes very little processing, which preserves its delicate natural flavors – the leaves are not fermented or rolled; rather, young tea leaves & unopened leaf-buds are simply picked, withered, & dried.

This is tea that’s easy to enjoy hot or iced – we do recommend steeping it in hot water prior to chilling, if iced tea is part of your plan.

2.5 oz. Handcrafted Luxury Loose Leaf Tea