Rancilio Speciality RS1 - Espresso Machine

Quality, consistency, and serviceability can be yours with the Rancilio Specialty RS1 Espresso Machine.


Built from time-tested components in an all-specialty design, the RS1 brings barista-driven espresso in a shop-ready setup. The Rancilio Specialty balances its impressive feature set with daily usability, expanding on the classic multi-boiler design with ultra-accurate temp controls that allows for rising or declining profiles—paired with tight volumetrics for repeatability shot after shot.

Ergonomic upgrades like programmable steam pressure, timed hot water options, and full tang portafilters make the RS1 a joy to use all shift long. Even better is the RS1's tech-friendly design; most service items are in convenient access points and use common parts for minimal downtime.


Proprietary multi-boiler brewing technology gives unparalleled thermal stability allowing for advanced temperature control and consistency. Such control offers baristas the option of using temperature profiling during the extraction to highlight ever coffee's best attributes. Once the shot has been perfected using shot timers and displays, the finely tuned espresso extraction can then be locked in for service.

The RS1 has also been designed to customize. The stainless-steel body panels with adjustable drip tray facilitate personalization. All we need is an RAL code to powder coat your panels, making your RS1 truly yours. Visions also has many branding options available. Ask your salesperson for more info. The dual USB ports facilitate personalization of your displays and sharing settings between machines as well.

Technical Specifications:

Independent grouphead boilers

High thermal stability

Advanced temperature profiling

Variable steam pressure

Accurate volumetric control

Grouphead touchscreen displays

Height of the main body of the machine 18.2 inches

Bodywork customizable

Height of the main body of the machine 18.2 inches

Adjustable cup warmer 15.7 inches x 40.1 inches with temperature sensor

7" work surface depth

3.5" between the working area and the counter

Cool touch steam wands with 2 power settings

The Rancilio Specialty was developed by Rancilio R&D Department in collaboration with a coffee industry team of experts and MOMO Design.

Standard Features:

Stainless steel body with metal alloy, black chrome-plated group covers

Rancilio patented temperature profiling technology

Lever-actuated, cool touch steam wands with 4 adjustable presets

Independent grouphead boilers

Programmable volumetrics with 4-magnet flowmeters

Multifunction on-board computer with 4.3” display

Individual graphics displays for each grouphead detailing shot time, brewing profile, and cleaning operation

User-friendly touchscreen with backlit icons

Parameter tracking software with details of the last 30 extractions per group

2 water buttons with programmable dosages and temperatures

Insulated steam boiler with programmable water renewal

ECO function available using multiple level sensor management

Easy access pump pressure adjustment under the machine

2 USB ports for updating machine functions and recharging scale and barista tools

Adjustable drip tray height (3”, 4”, 5”) for various cup sizes

Standard Accessories:

  • Single dose basket
  • Double 18-gram basket
  • Accessory bag
  • Tamper
  • Measuring cup shot glass
  • Manual
  • Plastic drip inserts
  • Portafilter
  • Portafilter single spout
  • Portafilter double spout
  • Bottomless portafilter
  • Grouphead brush

Dimensions (W x D x H) and Utilities:

  • 2 Group
    • Amperage – 30a
    • Element – 5600 watts
    • Voltage – 208v-220v
    • Boiler – 11 liters
    • Dimensions – 33 x 24 x18
    • Weight - 209 lbs.
  • 3 Group
    • Amperage – 50a
    • Element – 6750 watts
    • Voltage – 208v-220v
    • Boiler – 16 liters
    • Dimensions – 43 x 24 x 18
    • Weight - 242 lbs.

Warranty and Service:

Includes installation, one-year labor warranty, 1-year parts warranty, and 1-year preventative maintenance service.  Warranty and installation on equipment purchased through Out Of The Grey Coffee is “Guaranteed and coordinated directly by the manufacturer” ensuring the highest level of support and service for your equipment. Warranty requires that water hardness must be maintained at 2-3 GPG. A dedicated water softener/filter is required.