Awesamoa Black - Organic Tea

Assam black tea, shredded coconut, almond slices, chocolate chips & caramel.

What every coconut wants!

Every coconut has a dream to one day find itself steeped with chocolate, caramel, almonds & dark Assam black tea.

Help make this dream a reality!

Rich, exotic taste of this infusion combines coconut, chocolate, caramel, almonds & Assam to produce a thick, naturally sweet, tropical cup. Enjoy at any latitude as a warming, low-calorie cup of dessert. Nice with a splash of milk.

The healthiest tea for you is the one you'll want to drink every day. By that definition, if you live in the West, the tea that's the healthiest for you is probably black tea. Over 90 percent of all tea sold in the West is black tea. Like green tea, oolong tea & white tea, black tea is made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, so it shares many tea health benefits with other tea types. However, black tea is unique, and it is known to be especially beneficial for certain health purposes.

The major health benefits of black tea include its nutritional value, anti-cancer benefits, digestive benefits, beneficial effects on skin and hair health. It also provides uplifting energy that stimulates metabolic function & burns calories, reduces cardiovascular problems & is bountiful in antioxidants.

Our authentic Fair Trade & organic principles are still uncommon in the tea industry. We believe in trade that strengthens the autonomy of small farmer organizations, promotes among farmers a sense ownership & control over one’s business, encourages entrepreneurial attitudes & a risk-taking culture, strengthens & builds community & encourages debate & participatory decision making. We believe that “Fair Trade” must mean “small farmer” & our relationships reflect that.

Each of our producer partners is unique, with a storied history of ambition, struggle & success over the years. They have worked to set themselves apart in a historically oppressive industry.

4 oz. Handcrafted Organic Tea