Single Origin - Mapanga Estate Malawi AAA - Organic Coffee

Crisp, with a spicy, savory edge. Fresh-cut cedar, roasted cacao nib, hints of cumin, citrus, berry, sage and sweet root vegetable in aroma and cup. Balanced structure; crisp acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The chocolate suggestion sweetens in the finish.

Roast: Dark Medium

Processing: Natural Processed & Dried

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 M.A.S.L.

Harvest: May to October

12 oz. Handcrafted Organic Coffee

From East Africa's smallest coffee producing nation comes a flavorful, limited production coffee. Malawi is a small country whose borders meander to the north and south between Mozambique and Zambia in southeastern Africa. Malawi has been producing fine coffees for more than 100 years. Coffee plantations began to flourish in the 1890's following railway construction, allowing harvested goods to be shipped abroad for export.

This single-origin coffee is grown on one of the finest estates in land-locked Malawi. Our Malawi Mapanga is carefully and meticulously processed and graded to earn its "AAA" classification. The majority of Malawi's limited coffee production is purchased and consumed in Britain, so it is a privilege to provide Malawi Mapanga to the US market. The taste characteristics of this coffee are typical of the best East African coffees. 

Wonderfully fragrant and brightly flavored with hints of citrus and berry. Its crisp acidity is balanced by a clean finish. It's "AAA" rating is well deserved.

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