Bird Friendly Coffee Now Locally Available!

September 02, 2015

SMBCAugust 11, 2015 A unique, flavorful shade-grown, Bird Friendly coffee is now available online at and in 2 Northwest Pennsylvania café locations: the Out of the Grey Coffeehousecafé and Gannon University’s Café 900. The coffee is certified to organic and Fair Trade standards as well as the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s stringent requirements for Bird Friendly coffee. It is roasted by Out of the Grey Coffee in Fairview, PA. The decision to carry the Bird Friendly coffee fits well with Out of the Grey Coffee’s and Gannon’s efforts to become more sustainable organizations on all levels. “By serving Bird Friendly-certified coffee, we are putting our money behind our strong standards, and in turn protecting birds and forests throughout the world, said Jack Barton, Revolutionary Roaster at Out of the Grey Coffee. “Only six people drinking two cups a day for a year can help support a small farmer growing Bird Friendly coffee. It is definitely a case of the more you drink, the more you save – but in this case, it’s not pennies but crucial habitat.” Bird Friendly coffee is certified organic coffee produced on farms with a shade cover that provides a substantial and vital habitat for migratory and resident birds in tropical landscapes that are threatened by deforestation globally at an unprecedented rate. Migratory birds are not only beautiful but are integral to tropical and temperate ecosystems, providing flower pollination and seed dispersal, among other roles. Bird Friendly certified farms provide quality habitat for many species of birds and can act as important stepping-stone habitats between forest remnants. The Bird Friendly program, initiated by Smithsonian scientists and based on fieldwork data, is recognized within the specialty coffee industry as the “Gold Standard” of shade certification. Bird Friendly coffee can be purchased online at (search for “Peru SMBC “ under the Single Origins/Blends section or at two café locations in Northwest Pennsylvania: the Out of the Grey Coffeehousecafé located at 6990 West Lake Rd (Route 5) Fairview, PA; or Gannon University's Café 900, located at 900 State Street Erie, PA.

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